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E-Learn 2008 Recap

Ok, I am back from a very successful E-Learn 2008 Conference in Las Vegas. I actually got home a few days ago, but it has taken a little while to catch my breath. We set attendance records with more than 1,000 attendees. We had a highly engaging and rewarding preconference symposium on e-learning in Asia with 12 participants from 12 countries. We will turn that into a special journal issue on e-learning in Asia during the next few months and perhaps a print on demand book. We also had many excellent keynote and invited addresses. What a week it was! If you unfortunately missed the conference, one of the fantastic keynote speakers at the E-Learn 2008 Conference last week in Las Vegas was Dr. Roy Pea from Stanford University. I have been a fan of Roy's work for more than two decades now. Roy is currently Professor of Education and the Learning Sciences at Stanford. He is also Director of the Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning. The title is his keynote address was, "Learning in a Networked World: Trends and Opportunities
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SITE 2009 – Technology & Teacher Ed. Final Call (Charleston, SC): Due Dec. 10

** Join with 1,200+ Colleagues from 50 Countries ** * Please forward to a colleague * NOTE: The Advance Program/Registration is online: ______________________________________________________ SITE 2009 Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference March 2-6, 2009  *  Charleston, South Carolina "Where History Lives--Indulge, Play, and Explore!" (Embassy Suites Hotel/Convention Center) FINAL CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ** Submissions Due: Dec. 10, 2008 ** Organized by: Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE): and Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE): ______________________________________________________ SITE 2009 COLOR POSTER Available to Print & Distribute (PDF to print) What are your colleagues saying about SITE conferences INVITATION: SITE 2009 is the 20th annual conference of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education. This society represents individual teacher educators and affiliated organizations of teacher educators in all disciplines, who are interested in the creation and dissemination of knowledge about the use of information technology in teacher education and faculty/staff development.  SITE is a society of AACE. SITE is the premiere international conference in this field and annually attracts more
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Language Translation Capacity added to E-Learn Blog

Participants in the E-Learn 2008 Blog can now view postings in quite a few languages.  You simply enter the Blog off the E-Learn 2008 Las Vegas home page and then click on the Translate Blog link below the blue Resource Links button.  I read through the Spanish translation and it was quite accurate.
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E-Learn Keynote and Invited Speakers Introduced Using…..

All E-Learn 2008 Keynote and Invited speakers were asked to respond to the following questions in an effort 1) to give attendees insights into their perspectives and histories on technology and 2) to avoid reading brief bios readily available to E-Learn participants via other resources: a.       When was the first time you used a computer? b.      Do you ever purposefully try to stay away from technology? If yes, what do you do? (e.g., technology free weekends) c.       Can you name a couple of unique ways that technology has affected your personal or professional life in a positive way? (e.g., online Flickr account, mobile learning, etc.) d.      If you had to look back and pick a year or event, when did your career in learning technologies take off and why? e.       What is one thing happening in the world of e-learning that too few people know about? f.       What project(s) are you currently working on that has you most excited and why? g.      Do you have any important publications on the horizon? h.      What is the most interesting place you have
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Got Twitter?

Got Twitter? I don’t mean only in “do you have a twitter account?”. That’s the easy part. I’m referring to whether you’ve wrapped your mind around what twitter is and why it’s getting so much attention. Twitter is best seen as a tool for staying in touch with, and aware of, others. (for a more advanced exploration of the utility of twitter see: social grooming). Or you might find this short video overview of Twitter useful. How do you get started? Set up an account Find some people to engage with (or in Twitter language, friends). E-Learn 2008’s Twitter profile is here. My profile is here. Feel free to post your twitter profile in the comments section. Use hashtags (#). #elearn is our conference hashtag. It’s a useful way to connect with others who are at the conference. Use it in your tweet and others will happily find you. Use twitter search to explore comments on the conference, presenters, etc. As with any technology, the proof is in the doing. Alan Levine has posted the Twitter Life Cycle that seems to resonate with
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A Great Asia-Day at E-Learn

 If you see any of the following at the conference this week, feel free to ask them about the E-Learning Asia-Day Symposium.  Katsuaki Suzuki from Japan.  Daniel Tan form China.  Mimi Lee from the United States.  Siew-Mee Barton from Australia.  Zoranini Wati Abas from Malaysia with Curts Bonk from the United States.  Thanomporn Laohajaratsang from Thailand.  Sanjaya Mishra from India.  Yayoi Anzai from Japon.  Ke Zhang from the United States (Taiwan, Japan, China).  Melinda de la Pena-Bandalaria from the Philippines.  ShengQuan Yu from China.  Hsui-Ping Yueh from Taiwan.
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E-Learning Asia Day Pre-Conference Symposium is a Go!

The E-Learn Asia Day Pre-Conference Symposium was initiated with enthusiastic welcoming remarks by Curtis Bonk and Gary Marks.  The first speaker, Dr. Okhwa Lee from Korea, spoke on different types mentoring based on her survey data that indicate the important role that mentoring plays in the academic success and personal satisfaction of online students.  The preferred methods of receiving mentorship were via monitoring the mentoring homepage, via telephone and through chatting.  As we know, Generation Y does not rely on e-mail as you. And she found that out. Okhwa (Dr. Lee) has a pulse on many e-learning happenings in Korea. It showed. You should definitely meet her at this conference.
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Getting ready for E-Learn

E-Learn 2008 is shaping up to a great learning experience for conference attendees and presenters. A quick look through the conference program reveals a good blend of theory, practice, research, and technology. Congrats to organizers! One of the more substantial trends in education - and history may well render this the most substantial development in over the last century - is a growing shift to openness within education. Keynote and invited speaker addresses in this years conference will be speaking to this topic. It is, much like attention to global warming, a quiet revolution that has no clear centre, yet promises to substantially reorganize society and education in particular. This topic was a recent focus in an online course I'm co-facilitating. What is openness? What are open educational resources? What about open teaching models? Can open accreditation be far behind? It's truly and exciting time to be in education! My particular interest in openness is how it shapes our capacity to connect with information and with others. In a networked world, inability to access either information or conversations with others
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Interview with Dr. Ellen Wagner, E-Learn 2008 Keynote Speaker

An Interview with Dr. Ellen Wagner, Principal Analyst, Sonoma Partners LLP, USA, Keynote at the E-Learn Conference in Las Vegas, November, 2008 Information on her keynote: and Biographical Information: Ellen Wagner is an independent learning industry analyst, strategist and solutions architect. Formerly the Director of worldwide elearning solutions for Adobe Systems, she had previously served as Senior Director of worldwide education solutions for Macromedia. Prior to that, she was chief learning officer for Viviance new education AG, an online elearning product and services provider. She also served as chief learning officer and vice president of consulting services with Informania, Inc. Ellen is a former tenured professor and chair of the educational technology program at the University of Northern Colorado, and project director with the WCET, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. Curt: Q1. When was the first time you used a computer? Ellen: 1974. A dumb terminal linked to a mainframe. I think sort of like what thin clients are like these days. Curt: Q2. Do you ever purposeful try to stay away from technology? If yes, what
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Experiments in YouTube Learning

For my talk on Tuesday, 2:45 PM (Learning from and Teaching on YouTube), I'll be reflecting on some of the lessons my students and I have learned while challenging the architectural, entertainment, and corporate imperatives of YouTube by trying to take and teach a college class there. Last week, I gave a related talk at the Future of Writing Conference at UC Irvine on "Video/Writing." If you're interested in preparing for my slightly wacky talk at E-Learn you might want to watch this most recent attempt at presenting my creative project in digital pedagogy. My Irvine "talk" can be seen on YouTube (see my playlists and hit PlayAll) or in a different format on my blog (see Video Writing entry). In these two attempts at digital scholarship, as is true across this project, I am trying to mark the awkward, clunky, fitful (but fun and illuminating) process of moving one pedagogic process across to a new set of technological tools not necessarily built for these purposes but certainly entrancing to our students (and society) nevertheless. As you'll see, my findings
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