November 4-7, 2019

New Orleans

Conference Workshops

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Monday, November 4, 1:00-4:30 PM


Workshop 1: Micro-Learning Professional Development using Adobe Captivate 2019 for Beginners

Abstract: No need to be an experienced online learning author! Come and make your first e-learning micro-learning professional development using Adobe Captivate 2019. Learn the basic tools to allow you to create highly interactive, results driven e-learning content in small bites to drive change in your organization. Combine vivid graphics with your content to bring content to life with interactive simulations, navigation, video, quizzes, and much more. Use the provided templates to get your professional development to your learners quickly and efficiently!


  1. Participants will receive an in-depth guided tour of the Adobe Captivate authoring tool.
  2. Participants will learn the basics of the tool through a series of practice activities that build capacity with the program.
  3. Participants will explore sample projects to discover the possibilities of the authoring tool in creating an on-demand rich learning experience.
  4.  Participants will create their own project, focusing on a topic of their choice.
  5. Participants will be given resources to develop a plan for continuing their work with Adobe Captivate after the workshop is completed.

Presenter: David Mahaley, M.A., has been involved in innovation in education for over 29 years as a teacher, technology consultant, administrator, and e-learning developer.  He has his Masters in Educational Technology Leadership from George Washington University and holds several National and State level certifications. He is a Certified Adobe Captivate Specialist and uses this authoring tool to create highly interactive learning solutions for businesses, education institutions and other organizations.  He has led education technology initiatives and authored several books on technology use in the classroom.  David has served as an organization consultant, speaker, and workshop leader for many events including sessions at SITE, ISTE, EdMedia, FETC, NCTIES, and founded the Teaching & Learning with the iPad Conference Series.